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Do you want a website or an app? I can build one for you, check out the my proof of work.


I know both Front-end and Back-end but I’m more Front-end focused, mostly with React

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I post about coding, web development tips and tricks on my Instagram page

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I offer making websites and automation scripts

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Apps I’ve made


A Reddit like MPV app with all core features from Reddit


An awesome tool to make Images and GIFs of your code.


Dodge to destroy as many rockets as possible and collect coins as long as you can

Gravity Sandbox

A simple chaotic gravity simulator

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I write blogs about Web development, React, JavaScript and useful resources

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If you wanna get in touch, talk to me about a project collaboration or just say hi, fill up the awesome form below or send an email to siddharthroy36912@gmail.com and ~let's talk.