I'm Siddharth Roy, a designer, developer and blogger.

A 19yo software engineer bridging between programming and design, creator of Recoded & ReactOverflow and into open-source.


A minimalistic typing test software inspired by monkeytype built using C++ for both desktop and browser.


A full stack MVP Reddit clone made using React, TypeScript, NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB.


A retro-style pixel art game made for a fantasy console PICO-8 using the LUA programming language.

Gravity Sandbox

A fun toy/game where you can play with Newtonian Gravity. Place heavy objects in patterns and see interesting results.


A web app/tool to create beautiful images and videos of your code directly in your browser with just one click.


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I love connecting with new people to learn from and am always more than willing to help with questions you may have.

Besides that I enjoy to talk about programming, linux, anime and memes.